Adjustable Lotus Design Ring


These Adjustable Rings Are Ready to Wear! See the beautiful meanings behind each piece before purchasing your own.

Lotus are full, unfolding petals suggest the expansion of one's soul. The growth of its pure beauty remains unstained when growing from the mud of its origin. The lotus has spiritual symbolism among many cultures, but its beauty and grace is unforgettable.

Snake imagery is found in jewelry dating back to ancient times. Totally unconnected civilizations, separated by the vast barriers, have discovered the intrinsic beauty of this form. In MesoAmerican cultures, the serpent was regarded as a portal between two worlds. The Aboriginal people worship a huge python who created the landscape and embodies the spirit of fresh water. Embrace the symbolism of this powerful creature by wearing this beautiful ring.

Adjustable Lotus and Ohm Ring. A beautiful etched ring featuring the symbols of ohm and lotus. Add this ring to your ready to wear collection!

Adjustable Arrow Ring. Go forth and be bold with this stylish arrow ring! A lovely compliment to fashionable outfits, this trendy ring will shimmer bright.